Building Frames

I have the tendency to not work in any traditional sizes...that's right none of my stuff fits in an 11"x14" format, 24"x36" format...nothin'. So I have been forced to build frames and I'm going to tell you that it's awesome!  I love wood working so to get the opportunity to delve into that a little bit more is exciting.  Plus it's a great way to make sure that my work ends up looking the way I want it to when it's framed.  

Lately I have been loving the look of natural wood and didn't coat with any finish.  I think the natural look of the wood is just lovely, and not too distracting. I have only done pine so far but would really like to try a few other hard woods.  I love OAK ;) and CEDAR. That will have to com in soon, I think. 

 I am currently working on some black frames so we will see how I like those.   

First Week

Wow...what a week.  

To start off here's a little background...a few months ago I made one of the most insane, terrifying, exciting and most amazing decision of my life so far.  I decided to leave my first full-time out of college job to start a business of my own.  At the end of 2015 I left that job to start the most exciting job of work for myself and work as a full time freelance artist and designer. I did, after all, go to school to be just that in the first place!  I'm not one to make decisions that don't have a lot of security attached to them so this is a huge step for me and I honestly couldn't be happier that I have decided to do it. 

So far this week I have felt unsure, scared, brave, sad, overjoyed and 100% confident.  Talk about a whirlwind.  The most interesting part of the week was my first day...I cut open my finger with an Xacto...oyyy.  Let's just say it has all gone up hill from there.  I have had multiple meetings, learned new strengths, received endless support, and even a couple new commissions.  I cant wait for this new year and new adventure to unfold.  Wish me luck!  


Relief Printing

I Have been thinking a lot lately how much I miss relief printing.  With being in such a small apartment I don't have the space for a 2 ton press...darn it! Someday I will have space for one.  In the mean time I am thinking about getting a jump start on it.  I'm going to start wood and linoleum carving again.  By the time I get access to a press again I will probably have at least 20 blocks ready to go.   I'm sure my cats will have a blast playing with all of the excess wood chips and linoleum pieces that will be falling all over the ground.  I suppose I only need to be concerned if all the pieces start disappearing...don't want to find all of that stuff in the liter box. 

Until I get that press here is a video that my amazing friend Alex did for me.  It's been 4 years!  I cant believe it.  Below the video is the finished print that I was working on at the time. enjoy!

Far too long

The smell of this autumn air has made me very motivated to get my butt back in gear.  Applying to more sales and shows, just getting everything out there.  The cats have certainly been loving following me around the house when I am here.  They are always extremely curious about what has been going on.  

Columbus Series4 2015

Columbus Series4 2015

My most recent piece that I have finished is another Columbus Series silkscreen print.  I cant ever stick with just one color scheme...I have never been good at that.  Now on my 4th series of the same image.  I love it.   

I'm starting to work on even more images that are iconic here in Columbus.  I'm very excited to get woking for the holiday season.  Up next...HOLIDAY CARDS!


Work work work

Today was CRAZY!  I finally got a lot of the site up and running and I added a lot of work on my etsy store page!  It was a very productive day here in my household.  It was yet again another rainy day and that always seems to help the computer work get done.  


Still have work to do and I'm going to get to the rest of it!  Will update as I can. 


Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, rainy day.

       Holy shit I started a website today!  I never thought I'd do it but well....Graham made me do it.  I knew that I was going to have to get one but honestly the computer is not my thing and thank goodness I have a boyfriend that knows what he's doing when it comes to these kinds of things.  The plus side about today, Thursday, is that it is my day off of work so I figured that I should try to get my work on here, or at least just get started.  I usually try to work in the studio on Thursday but today was cold and rainy and sitting on the couch with a warm computer sounded a little better to me.

        Still working to get everything photographed but that will be up in the next few weeks, hopefully sooner.  I have a lovely friend who is a great photographer and I am hoping that I can bribe her with booze so she will help me! There is always hope!


Hopefully will be updating again soon!