Relief Printing

I Have been thinking a lot lately how much I miss relief printing.  With being in such a small apartment I don't have the space for a 2 ton press...darn it! Someday I will have space for one.  In the mean time I am thinking about getting a jump start on it.  I'm going to start wood and linoleum carving again.  By the time I get access to a press again I will probably have at least 20 blocks ready to go.   I'm sure my cats will have a blast playing with all of the excess wood chips and linoleum pieces that will be falling all over the ground.  I suppose I only need to be concerned if all the pieces start disappearing...don't want to find all of that stuff in the liter box. 

Until I get that press here is a video that my amazing friend Alex did for me.  It's been 4 years!  I cant believe it.  Below the video is the finished print that I was working on at the time. enjoy!