Building Frames

I have the tendency to not work in any traditional sizes...that's right none of my stuff fits in an 11"x14" format, 24"x36" format...nothin'. So I have been forced to build frames and I'm going to tell you that it's awesome!  I love wood working so to get the opportunity to delve into that a little bit more is exciting.  Plus it's a great way to make sure that my work ends up looking the way I want it to when it's framed.  

Lately I have been loving the look of natural wood and didn't coat with any finish.  I think the natural look of the wood is just lovely, and not too distracting. I have only done pine so far but would really like to try a few other hard woods.  I love OAK ;) and CEDAR. That will have to com in soon, I think. 

 I am currently working on some black frames so we will see how I like those.