Beginning in the fall of 2015 I began a new adventure.  Starting my own full time business of freelance fine art design, studio art and artist collaborations.  This has been at the forefront of my mind ever since I started my Bachelors degree and after almost 4 years of being out of college I decided to go for it.  Take the plunge and to just do what really makes me happy.  This page is dedicated to custom works and collaborated work with other artists, entrepreneurs or just amazingly fun people.   If you are interested in any custom work feel free to email me.  Hope you enjoy. 

Apple Valley Lake

Custom watercolor for a family lake house.  This piece was based off of the view that is seen from the family cabin in Apple Valley.  Dec. 2015


Chicago Skyline

A friend came to me a couple months ago about doing a custom Chicago cityscape silkscreen, similar to my Columbus cityscape.  I jumped on it!  but doing just one can be pretty pricey...since the silkscreen process can be very time consuming and complicated with multiple colors we decided together that if I did an edition size of 30 then that would work out to fit in his budget.  If there are multiple prints available in an edition the price isn't as high as just doing one.   Make sense?  I knew you'd get it.  It worked out so that I also had more to sell to others so if you are interested in one of these beauties let me know!  


Ship Logo Design

A dear friend of mine, Chelsea, came to me about helping her to design a logo for her new company, Ship.  I was thrilled to be asked to work on the design with her.  My focus was never really in graphic design so this really gave me the opportunity to jump on board and to get my feet wet....see what I did there?  I am very happy with the final logo and it is now actively used on social media, web presences and printed material.  Thanks Chelsea for the fun opportunity.